Matchday 5

UEFA Champions League

For download: uefa-champions-league-2016-17-group-stage-matchday-5.pdf

Barcelona, Manchester City, AS Monaco, Bayer Leverkusen, Real Madrid, Leicester City, and Juventus clinched Round of 16 berths after Matchday 5. The advancing teams in Groups B, G and H will be settled on Matchday 6, taking place December 6-7. Group B will be particularly interesting on the Tuesday as any of the top 3 teams (Napoli, Benfica and Besiktas) can find themselves with a top seed for the Round of 16, second place, or a consolation ticket to Europa League.

Enjoy the matches!

Group Stage
1 Joel Palmer 58
Steffen Warias 58
3 Casey Farrell 56
4 Kay Otani 54
Wes Zetaruk 54
6 Michael Poplawski 50
7 Nell Ross 44
8 Evan Howatson 42
9 John Lo 38
10 Pedro Oliveira 20

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