Group Stage Results

UEFA Champions League

For download: uefa-champions-league-2016-17-group-stage.pdf

Joel is our leader after the Group Stage with a narrow lead over Casey. Steffen, Kay and Wes are close behind.

Joel was one of five players to have 15 of the 16 advancing teams correct, while Casey was alone in predicting three groups exactly right.

Look for the Round of 16 draw this upcoming Monday, and for play to resume in the new year. When the Round of 16 entry form is posted, you’ll receive a notification, or find it on the web site in the week before play resumes.

Group Stage
1 Joel Palmer 58
2 Casey Farrell 56
3 Steffen Warias 50
4 Kay Otani 46
Wes Zetaruk 46
6 Nell Ross 44
7 Michael Poplawski 42
8 Evan Howatson 34
9 John Lo 30
10 Pedro Oliveira 16

Season’s Greetings!


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